Depth camera

qq红包扫雷群违法吗the three main technical methods of the depth camera and the representative companies are monocular structured light, which represents the company’s acquisition of the largest structural optical technology company primesense

Surveillance camera in different environments

qq红包扫雷群违法吗the high-speed ball is an intelligent camera front end, the full name is called high-speed intelligent ball camera, or integrated high-speed ball smart ball, or simply fast ball, referred to

The role of security cameras in home monitoring

the first barrier to security is to monitor the camera, but now the thief has become very smart, and seeing a camera will go around. therefore, how to disguise the

Villa security monitoring equipment layout

due to the beautiful surrounding environment and the greenery, the villa area is highly appreciated and purchased by successful people. while enjoying the beautiful living environment, the owners are often

What characteristics should be used when selecting indoor surveillance cameras?

qq红包扫雷群违法吗when purchasing an indoor surveillance camera, the general indoor surveillance camera must meet the following conditions. first, there must be a gimbal, which can be turned up and down; second,

Somatosensory camera is important in the future

qq红包扫雷群违法吗the most well-known consumer application of the depth camera is the somatosensory camera, such as the kinect of the microsoft xbox game console. microsoft’s hololense also uses a large number

Vulnerabilities in smart cameras

qq红包扫雷群违法吗smart cameras are like eyes. this eye has been applied to many fields such as family public services. once the loopholes are exploited, the images recorded by the eyes in

How to install the surveillance camera

qq红包扫雷群违法吗the dome camera is one of our more common surveillance cameras. it is named for its semi-circular shape and is widely used in indoor places. it has the characteristics of

What features does the video surveillance system have?

in the security field, each video surveillance system has a complete data acquisition, transmission, storage management analysis and application chain. in this long chain, placing the ai from the back-end

Introduction to the role of IR Cut

ir cut, also known as dual filter switcher, is used for filtering between the camera lens and the sensor chip. it is a dual filter, an infrared cut filter and

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